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Can you see both the word "optical" and "illusion" in this picture below? A clue! One word is in white letters and the other in black"


Optical illusions are really fascinating aren't they?
Let's have a look at some very famous ones.
Can you see how they trick your eyes?

magnet-illusion (30KB)< > funny-triangle (43KB)

optical-illusion-circle (21KB)

In this next one, stare at the dot in the centre and then move your head in and out from the screen. See what happens to the circles!

optical-illusion-rotations (38KB)
Next, here are some illusions you can draw yourself to trick your friends.
In the first one, the 2 horizontal lines are the same length and in the second one, the 2 crosses are the same size.

linelength (33KB) < > crosses (36KB)

In rows of houses below, the line from A to A is the same length as the line from Z to Z!
In the next one, the height of the glass is the same as the width of the saucer! That is really hard to believe isn't it?

building-illusion (41KB) < > glass (37KB)

To check them out, you can measure them with a ruler on the screen.
This works because of the power of what we call "Perspective" in drawing.
Later you might like to click on the icon called "Perspective fun" to learn how it works.

Now here is a funny one for you to try.
Put your hands up on either side of your face, level with your eyes
with your first fingers pointing towards each other the way they are in this picture.

floating-finger (25KB)
Have your pointing fingers about 10 cm or 4 inches away from your face.
Now stare straight ahead at the computer screen through the gap between your hands
and very slowly bring your fingers in towards each other while you keep staring.
Don't look at your fingers - keep staring at the screen.
You should see a "floating finger" in the middle that looks like a little sausage!
See if you can do it! Good luck!

In the next illusion, you will see two small men and one big one.
Can you believe the two small men are the same size? Yes really!
To prove it, I have put in a little measuring picture to show you,
and you can check it with a ruler too!

mens-height-illusion (32KB) mens-height-illusion-gif (9KB)

This illusion happens because of the Perspective lines in the drawing
that trick your eyes and brain into thinking that
some of the picture is up close and some far away.
If you want to learn how to draw with Perspective,
click on "Perspective fun" under "Draw".


The following are pictures of a "VASE FACE" exercise.
The 2 faces in each picture are looking at each other (as in a mirror), while the middle part coloured black has become a vase shape.

If you are right handed, draw the left profile first & if left handed, start with the right. Next try to draw the shapes of the opposite face so that they are like twins looking at each other.
This is a well known drawing exercise for both sides of your brain and a real challenge to draw.
Lastly, draw a line across the top and bottom and colour in the middle to form the vase.
I wonder if you will choose to draw the faces with curvy lines or the ones drawn with straight lines?

vaseface1 (33KB)    vaseface2 (45KB)

In New Zealand it is the Maori custom to say hello by pressing your nose and forehead against the other person.
When you do this, a funny thing happens. You each seem to have only one eye!
Try it out with someone in your family or a friend and you will see what we mean.
It is even funnier if you take turns blinking!
Marijke, 7, did this drawing of me after we put our foreheads and noses together.

one-eyed-illusion (28KB)

Finally, here is a strange one. Can you see part of a man facing you? Can you see him side on in profile? Can you see both?