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Hello! Would you like to learn some special secret tricks to make things look up close or far away in your drawings?

Have a look at the two BLUE trees in this picture. Do you think they are the same size as each other? No?
Does one look much bigger than the other?

persp.7 (48KB) persp.8 (21KB)

Well really - the 2 BLUE trees are THE SAME SIZE as each other!
You can measure them with a ruler on the screen if you like, or look at the tiny measuring picture!
This is because of the cool optical illusion when we draw the lines of the road to trick our eyes.
Our eyes are used to seeing things get SMALLER as they get further away.

Would you like to learn how to do this trick? You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler. Are you ready?

Just follow the steps below and if you find it too hard, ask someone older to help you when they have time.
Picture 1. Start with a level line across your page. This is called a HORIZON LINE.
Next, put a dot on the line. This is where your road is going to go to and it is called the VANISHING POINT.
Now draw the angled lines of each side of your road, fanning out from your dot.
Then see if you can follow the rest of the steps in pictures 2 to 6.

persp.1 (45KB) persp.2 (48KB) persp.3 (57KB) persp.4 (50KB) persp.5 (34KB) persp.6 (57KB)

How did you go with that? Was it hard to do? Sometimes we have to try more than once to get something right - so don't worry if you didn't manage to do it the first time.

When things get further away from us, they look smaller don't they?
So you can use that trick when you draw - like these houses and dogs.
You can also put in SHADOWS to make things look real. See how the shadows make the dogs look as though they are really standing on the ground? That's a really neat trick isn't it?

houses (29KB) dogs-1 (27KB) dogs-2 (27KB)